Avista Sale — Ontario extends energy policy to "other jurisdictions"


updated 07/10/18

It also appears that the Hydro One purchase of AVISTA is partially animated by the political ideology of the super green Ontario Liberal party that until this June 7 controlled the provincial government.  Utility customers in the Interstate 5 corridor may be OK with paying a premium for green considerations, but AVISTA customers are not those people.  Here is a quote from Ontario’s now former Premier:

“”Premier Kathleen Wynne is defending Hydro One’s takeover of an American utility that owns a coal plant after years of Liberal boasting that Ontario has banned the plants to cut pollution and greenhouse gases.

She suggested the C$6.7-billion purchase of Avista, based in Washington state, heralds the spread of Ontario’s clean-energy push beyond the province’s borders.

“As you all know, Ontario has shut down all of the coal-fired generation in the province. Hydro One has made a business decision to acquire a . . . company that has a small minority share in a coal plant,” Wynne said Friday in Ottawa.

“Let me just say this: you won’t find another jurisdiction — pretty much around the world — that has gone as far in terms of renewable clean energy as Ontario so I see this as a real validation of our opportunity to take that influence elsewhere.”””

Here is a link to the article containing the above quotes about extending policies :  https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2017/07/21/premier-wynne-defends-hydro-one-purchase-of-us-utility-that-owns-a-coal-plant.html

Here is the link to the YouTube video showing Kathleen Wynne making this statement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=527VJqu0PHI

The voters tossed her out a few weeks ago, but this is the mentality of the people controlling HYDRO ONE that the Avista executives wanted to sell us to.  They would sell us out for their $50.5 Million severance.